So it’s been a few weeks since you’ve end all forms of contact and interaction with your ex-boyfriend, ex-lover, FWB, or whatever you want to call him (or her). You’ve finally surpassed the endless nights debating whether or not to “accidentally” text him, and instead indulged yourself with replacing the absence of a love life by watching every romantic comedy ever made. Two hours of watching Hugh Grant in Notting Hill? Who could complain? Now, after some great time away from him, the four word question comes into mind, “Am I over him?” 

Stalking His Social Media

So you’re casually scrolling through your newsfeed on Facebook and he pops up. You decide to further inspect and start creeping on his timeline, albums, recent picture uploads via Instagram, and now what started off as an innocent “checkup” has gone haywire. Before you know it, you’re read every status since the summer, and then the worst happens.  Some girl by the name of “Sharon” tags your (former) guy in a picture. Sharon? Who the hell is Sharon?

By all means, do your best to avoid creeping on his Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you’re over this guy, you don’t need to know what he is up to because chances are he is off doing his own thing while you stalk his social media. 

Excessive Nights Staying In

When things ended with me and my ex, it seemed the only logical thing to do was load up on the Oreos, baked chips, ice cream, and soda and lay on the couch watching endless rom-coms before going on night drives blasting Taylor Swift and Celine Dion in my Honda. It’s only natural the first week or two, but after a while you should ditch this depressed act and start going out and making plans even if you would rather stay in and wear sweats. It’s great to be surrounded by friends, and have fun. Who knows, you might even meet someone new.


If there is anything I hate more than thinking I’m finally over someone, it's when great memories come back at the worst possible time and place. So you finally managed to gain the strength to put yourself together before going out in public. You’ve having a great night out with friends at your favorite hangout, and that cute architect is eyeing you across the bar. 

 And then your and your ex’s song begins to play and your night is ruined. 

Drunk Calls/Texting

If you’ve recently had too many vodka shots and then called him, this is bad. Things are over and if he was the one who ended it, your random calls crying from the bar are just another great reason for him to be thankful things ended. 

If you’re ever going to touch that glass of wine, and feel vulnerable, delete his number. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Trash Talk

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given is that actions speak louder than words. If you say you’ve moved on but find yourself bashing your ex in every conversation that he’s brought up, it’s a red flag. We understand, you’re still angry, but simply nodding your head when a friend mentions him is the mature thing to do.

Ending relationships is never fun but it’s just another part of life. Learning how to react is the important thing to do. If you’ve done anything on the list, don’t beat yourself up, you’re human. Before you know it, you’ll be over that person and off to bigger and better things


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